Shopping in and around Chiang Mai is fun, and most visitors will return home with a bag full of handicrafts and other souvenirs. On this page we will introduce some of the shopping places which any serious shopper should visit. But even if you are not into buying things, these places are fun for a walk, especially during the cooler evening hours.

Famous shopping areas that are frequented by tourists include the Night Bazaar, the Sunday street market, the Saturday street market, Bo Sang (umbrella) village, Baan Tawai, and local flower and fruits markets.

Night Bazaar

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the most famous shopping areas in Thailand, not only for foreign tourists but also for the many Thai who choose Chiang Mai as a holiday destination. Hotels and guest houses near the Night Bazaar are for that reason the most popular in town. Especially those looking for souvenirs spend some time here looking for handicrafts, silk products, antiques, watches and t-shirts. Near the night bazaar you will also find some excellent restaurants and food courts with fresh sea food and other Thai dishes.

The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Click here for a map and some more information about the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

Sunday Street Market in the Old City

Every Sunday evening, Rachadamnoen Road is a street market where hundreds of sellers and thousands of potential buyers flock together. Handicrafts, t-shirts, paintings, home made bread or other food, wood carvings, musical instruments, silk products and numerous other items are for sale. Not only tourists but thousands of local Thai enjoy this weekly shopping frenzy as well. This street market is also known a "Walking Street".

Click here for a map and some more information about the Sunday street market of Chiang Mai (= Walking Street).

Saturday Street Market Wua Lai Road

Every Saturday evening Wua Lai Road is transformed into a market where you can shop for souvenirs or things you probably don't need. But shopping in Thailand is fun and you will always come home with something unexpected. When in Wua Lai road, don't forget to pay a visit to the nearby temple Wat Sri Suphan. Several shops along the street sell silver handicrafts and in some places you can see craftsmen in action hammering sheets of silver into traditional designs.

Click here for a map and some more information about the Saturday street market in Wua Lai road.

Wua Lai Road Saturday Market in Chiang Mai

Bo Sang, San Kamphaeng

The Bo Sang village in San Kamphaeng district is known for its colorful umbrellas and parasols, but you will find here also many other types of handicrafts and furniture. Nearby and on the road to Bo Sang are several shops selling handicraft and other souvenirs.

In a few location is Bo Sang you can actually see how the umbrella’s are made. All is done by hand. The artists who paint the umbrella’s are very skilled and can quickly make a pretty painting on the back of your mobile, on your bag or on your jeans.

Click here for a map and some more information about the Bo Sang village in San Kamphaeng (= Umbrella Village).

Baan Tawai Village

Baan Tawai is a busy shopping area located south of the city. It is the place if you are looking for furniture or if you are interested in antiques. Other shops specialize in handicrafts, carved statues, paintings, ceramics, etc. Packing and home delivery can be arranged on the spot.

Click here for a map and some more information about shopping in Baan Tawai village.

Second-hand books

Chiang Mai has several shops selling used books. Most of these shops have a good collection of books including classics but also many modern best sellers. The prices of the books are very reasonable, and after you have read the book you can sell it back to the same shop (at a slightly lower price of course). Everybody who loves books will have a good time browsing the shelves.

Click here for a map of a street where there are several used book shops close together.

Flowers, fruits and vegetables

Near the Ping river are two markets, which are worthwhile visiting to shop for flowers, fruits, vegetables, fish, etc. These are very colorful areas, and even if you don't have a need for shopping, they are worth the visit to just walk around and take photos.

From Tha Pae Road walk north along the river to reach the Ton Lamyai Flower Market. It offers a colorful selection of orchids, roses, chrysanthemums, birds of paradise and other flowers. It is open 24 hours but it is a nice place to walk around during evening hours.

Nearby you find Warorot market with a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, textiles, silk products, handicrafts, clothes, silk products, shoes, etc.

Further north along the river you will reach the Muang Mai market, which especially in morning hours is the place to go for fresh agricultural produce, such as fruits and vegetables, and meat products (pork, chicken, etc.) and seafood (fish, prawn, crab, etc.). Many local Thai do their shopping here as the food is fresh and cheap.

Click here for maps of the flower market and the Warorot market.

Other shopping

There are many more but perhaps less romantic shopping opportunities in Chiangmai.

  • Central
  • Big-C
  • Lotus
  • Rimping

Click here for a map of some of the major shopping centers and supermarkets in Chiangmai.

To buy fruits in Thailand you don't always need a shop or market. This farmer sells a variety of fruits from the back of her car.

To buy fruits in Thailand you don't always need a shop or market. This farmer sells a variety of fruits from the back of her car.

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